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Autonoom Provinciebedrijf Sport Antwerpen Offline

Over Autonoom Provinciebedrijf Sport Antwerpen

We collaborated with Catapult on several event-based projects for Autonoom Provinciebedrijf Sport Antwerp. The organization promotes the creation of high-quality infrastructures for sports and healthy habits for the region of Antwerp. They needed for a flexible website structure, with enough freedom to change the layout for temporary events.

Ik stap het af: Step registration system

'Ik stap het af' was a campaign to promote daily movement and walking. The website had a system where people could register their steps and see their history and statistics.

De grote doortocht

On a Sunday, July 10th of 2010 the Tour de France passed through Belgium. All transit data and parcours were accessible via this site.

Voor dit project waren wij verantwoordelijk voor: frontend, programmatie.