Rekall builds web applications & sites for corporations, non-profits, artists, architects & the educational sector.

Why choose us?


We have more that 15 years of experience in building sites, web applications & newsletters.

Direct contact

You speak to us directly, not through layers of project managers. We perfectly understand the details of your project.

Tailored solutions

Every site we build is unique and customized to your needs. We don't work on auto-pilot.

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During the past 10 years we have fine-tuned a way of working that guarantees good results.

1 .Clear expectations

We'll sit down and listen to your needs and expectations. Once we have all the information, we'll write up a detailed offer in which we explain our vision for your project, with respect for your requirements, budget and timing. You'll know exactly what you'll get and how much it will cost - no surprises.

2 .Phases and feedback moments

We work in phases. The exact process depends on the type of project, and you will get a clear overview in our quote. Each phase has a feedback moment. This way we keep sailing on the same boat.

3 .Prototyping is crucial

After setting up the preliminaries, we generally start with clickable wireframes and prototypes. This is an important and cost-effective way to make sure that what you had in mind will actually work as a website or an application.

4 .Implementation

Once we all agree on the structure, we'll start working on the implementation. This includes the design of the front-end and the CMS or back-end programming. These processes can be ran sequentially or in parallel - it depends on the project. Extensive testing is included in each phase, and we make sure that everything works well on different devices (phones, tablets, computers) before going online.

5 .The future

We closely monitor your site the first month after its launch. We're ready to help out where we can. Depending on our agreement, we will update your site regularly to make sure it shines at any point in time.

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